Saturday, September 22, 2012

Three More Classes!!!

Not that I'm excited or anything. I started my last fall session of Graduate school with Multinational Corporate Environments and Operations Management. I'm excited about both, but I'm nervous this will be the toughest session yet. I need to remember to prioritize and focus. Once I get back into a nice rhythm I'll be golden.

After this session, I'll have only three classes left! I'm excited for June 16, 2013 as I will complete my MBA on that day. It'll also be the first time I won't be in school while living in Virginia. There are several things I want to explore without having to be concerned about having to write a paper or post in a discussion board.

Even though Grad school can put a strain on life at times, I wouldn't trade it. Yeah, it's hard to balance about church, work, school, running and personal life, but in the end it's worth it. Yes, somethings have suffered. I haven't been able to focus on running as much as I have in past years, but that can also be attributed to injury this year.

Well, I'm off to put the finishing touches on a paper for this week!

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