Tuesday, November 22, 2011

15 Miles of Thoughts

This past weekend I had a 15 mile training run. It was broken up nicely as I didn't want to be more than two miles from my water at any point along the run.

I woke up earlier than normal and made it to the trail with enough time to put a couple miles in before meeting my group at 7:30am. I was hoping this would get my legs moving and awake enough that my friends wouldn't feel like I was slowing them down.

So I was off. 7:10am on a Saturday ant the temperature was barely 35 degrees. Brrr. As I was running I thought it might be cool to go back and write down some of my thoughts from the run. Here goes:

Mile 1: Seriously?! I thought waking up early and running before meeting my group was going to be a good idea?
Mile 1.5: Ok, I see my group. Linda and Maureen will run with me this morning.
Mile 2: Those slackers! I can't believe neither Linda or Maureen showed this morning. I guess I'm running on my own.
Mile 3: I'm going to run only slightly a head of these two women because their conversation is quite interesting.
Mile 4: I think Hayley would be interested in what these ladies are talking about. Maybe I can get Hayley to run with me one day.
Mile 4.5: Turn around point. I'll take the horse trail back.
Mile 5: I wonder if there is water at Smith's Switch. I'm kinda thirsty, and I need to wash this Clif Shot Block down.
Mile 5.5: Stupid City! They turned the water off to keep the pipes from busting. 1.5 more miles until I can drink some water.
Mile 6: Why did I choose the horse trail? Obviously, I wasn't thinking. This hill sucks.
Mile 7: Water!! How many miles do I want to run today? 10 or 11?
Mile 8: Ugh, I forgot about this hill.
Mile 8.5: "Lane, I knew it was you. I couldn't miss you with that hat on." -Atle, "There's no water ate Belmount Ridge." -Conan. I hate Conan right now.
Mile 9: I guess I'm running 11 miles today. But 15 miles sounds really awesome!
Mile 9.5: **Trip** Who put that rock there?
Mile 10: Why am I running on the horse trail again? Oh, yeah the regular trail is too boring.
Mile 10.5: I can see the finish.
Mile 11: I feel like 4 more miles. I wonder if I can get anyone to run with me.
Mile 11.5: Still solo. Why wouldn't anyone want to finish this run with me?
Mile 12: One more mile until my turn around.
Mile 13: Good thing I'm only running 15 miles. I'm out of Clif Blocks.
Mile 14: Yep, There's a blister forming on my foot.
Mile 15: That was amazing! Let's do it again. Anyone? Anyone?

Who wants to go running with me next weekend? I promise we won't do more than 15.
Runner Lane

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